HD108 16bit 2020SMD LED Strip Flexible PCB 10MM High Density 200LEDs Per Meter

● Top SMD internal integrated high quality external control line serial cascade constant current IC; 5V application; default on electric lights; ● Control circuit and the RGB chip in SMD 5050 components, to form a complete control of pixel, color mixing uniformity and consistency; ● The Two-wire synchronous control, built-in bi-directional transmission function. ●RGB three-color output control, 64Bit (65536 level) color settings; each set of data are 1bit start code +15 Bit (32) brightness adjustment (red, green, blue three ports each 5bits, corresponding to S4 ~ S0) ; 48bits gray data (red, green, blue 16bits) composition.
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HD108 2020SMD LED Strip is 16bit with high density 200leds per meter. It's two-wire transmission three-channel (RGB) drive control circuit and light-emitting circuit in one of the intelligent external control LED light source. The PCB is flexible 10mm width, it also can be thinner 8mm or 6mm PCB. HD108 2020 16bit led strip is 65536 level grayscale with the quickest PMW refresh rate and transmission speed. Built-in constant current circuit and RC oscillator; internal integrated current gain control module, CMOS process, low voltage, low power consumption; when REXT is floating, the three-channel constant current driver default output of 18mA, the product is equipped with signal decoding module, Can also be REXT external resistor to adjust the required current, each output channel can output 16 (65536 level) gray adjustable linear current; using two-wire output, DATA data and synchronous CLK signal, so that the series chip The output action synchronization; refresh rate up to 27KHz, showing more delicate and smooth, the default power does not light. 

HD108 16bit 2020 Digital LED Features: 

1. HD108 with transmission rate 40MHz

2. PWM refresh rate>27KHz (APA102 with PWM frequency 20KHZ, APA107 with 9KHz, SK9822 with 4.7KHZ,)

3. 2020smd is available to make higher density strip or screen product to achieve better lighting effect.

4. HD108 LED with a much lower voltage drop than APA102/SK9822 LED, but higher brightness

5. HD108 LED is with the same protocol as APA102

6. HD108 with a larger lighting beam angle

7. Copper bracket and gold wire to keep a good heat dissipation

8. Choose positive output or negative RGB three-color LED output 66535 grayscale(16bit) and 32(5bit) level brightness adjustment

9. With self-detection signal build in support for continuous oscillation PWM output, can be maintained static screen