High Density 320LEDs HD107S 2020 Flexible Pixel LED Strip 8mm PCB DC5V

HD107S transmission speed 40MHz and PMW refresh rate >27KH Better than APA102 (APA102 with transmission speed 20MHZ and PMW 20KHz) HD107S performance is more stable with low defective rate
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High Density HD107S 2020 led strip comes with 320leds/m 8mm 4oz PCB, the lighting effect is quite beautiful. High density, high PMW refresh rate and high transmission speed will bring you the best lighting project. It's much better than APA102 2020 LED. Welcome to contact us for more details. 

320LEDs HD107S 2020 Flexible LED Strip Advantage

1. Comparing to the hot APA102 addressable led strip, HD107S comes with quicker transmission speed 40MHz and PMW refresh rate >27KHz (APA102 with transmission speed 20MHZ and PMW 20KHz ).

2. 2020smd is available to make higher density strip or screen product to achieve better lighting effect. 

3. HD107S 2020 led with much lower voltage drop, 5m can be powered by one end without color difference. 

4. HD107S 2020 led is lower power comsumption, which is more energy saving than APA102/SK9822

5. HD107S 2020 led with built-in sleep function, no work no electric consumption, very good for battery-powered application (only HD107s.)

6. 2-4ounce PCB to ensure the best heat-dissipation and long lifespan

7. SPI protocol available with SD, DMX and Artnet so on. 

8. High quality with 3 years warranty


HD107S 2020 Pixel LED Strip Aging test video